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Match The Right Color With The Best Painting Contractor.

Have you noticed how bright colors can instantly liven up our mood? For instance, looking at a beautifully painted home is like looking at an awe-inspiring masterpiece that leaves us feeling excited and happy. Indeed, colors elicit a specific feeling or response and promote action. Or working in a cheery space helps productivity.

However, deciding which paint or color palette can be confusing and you want to make sure the painting services you pay for will look professional and last.

With Boston Best Painter, your residence or commercial property will look its best and will last for a long time. All our painting contractors in Boston, MA, are professionally trained and have the experience to undertake a variety of painting jobs, even on a strict timeline. You will find we are the best of all the painting companies in the Boston area.

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Why Work With Boston Best Painter

Professional Expertise Boston Best Painter

Professional Painter expertise

Our professional painters have a proven track record of completing small to large-scale painting projects in Boston, Somerville, Cambridge, Newton, Watertown, and Brookline. After all, with our years of experience in residential and commercial painting, no painting job is ever too big or complex for us to handle. Most of all, we certainly understand the importance of completing projects on time and within budget.

Timely and quality services Boston Best Painter

Timely and quality painting services

Professional painting services are just one of the things we guarantee, but we're also known for our prompt, on-time service. We will keep you updated on the progress of your project, and we'll maintain an open line of communication to ensure you're kept informed if any delays occur.

Services at an affordable price Boston Best Painter

Services at an affordable price

You may feel uneasy thinking that painting services may not work well with your budget – but that's not the case with Boston Best Painter. Even if you are on a tight budget, we can provide you with several options for your project.

We give utmost respect to your property

After the painting job is complete, we'll hold ourselves accountable for all the cleanup that needs to be done. No unnecessary items will be left on site, only beautifully finished surfaces!


Our Vision is to provide an exemplary experience while transforming your space, the home you’ll truly love.


Re-create your ideal space with a drop of paint.

About The Owner

Painting is my passion. My first job at 13 years old was painting. I remember going to my uncle’s job. I was the guy who protected everything. I found this job fun because I loved looking at blue tape everywhere, little did I know that this industry was going to embrace me. As I grew older and begin to expand my horizons in carpentry, dry walls, and much more. At 13, I was given one of the most important tasks for a painting project, which is protecting a client’s home. This principle has been carried with me until today. We are called the best because we always protect. Being the best in this industry is not easy, it entails being precise meticulous, and very detail oriented. That is what you will get every time with Boston Best Painters.

About the owner - Boston Best Painter LLC Medford MA
Exterior Painting Service in Boston MA - Boston Best Painter

What sets Boston Best Painters apart from our competition

We are experience-driven, from the sales to final home transformation our primary objective is to provide the best experience, the best customer service, and the best painting job. We pride ourselves on a seamless process from the moment our clients come to our site, this is where the magic begins, all the way to the final product we are always ears. Listening to our client’s needs and surpassing them is our number one goal.

Best Boston Painter - Professional Painters in Boston MA
Best Boston Painter Professional Interior Painters in Boston MA
Best Boston Painter - Professional Exterior Painters in Boston MA

Our Professional Painting Services

You can always rely on our team of professionals to ensure that your painting project goes seamlessly. Our local painters in the Boston area are ready to help, whether you want to paint the walls a different color or update the overall look of your home.

Interior Painting Service - Boston Best Painter Brookline MA

Interior Painting

Walls typically have dents, dings, and marks as a result of years of use. Sometimes also, there are more specks of dirt and grime on your wall than you realize because you're just used to seeing your commercial or house's interior as it currently looks.

Revitalize any space in your home or office with our interior painting services! If you haven't painted your walls in a long time and the colors have faded, now is the time to call our Boston residential and commercial painters. Even if only a small portion of your house or office requires painting services, don't just ignore it because even a minor touch-up can breathe new life into your home or workplace.

So, if the interior of your home or office could use some new color or is in desperate need of a makeover, our interior painters can add a fresh coat of paint in different hues. Once your space has been painted, you will be amazed at how different the atmosphere will be.

Exterior Painting Service - Boston Best Painter Newton MA

Exterior Painting

Over time, your building’s or house's exterior painting deteriorates due to rain, cold, and heat. That is why, if you think only your interior needs to be painted, think again. While interior painting

is more about upgrading your home's and office’s aesthetics, exterior painting, on the other hand, does more than giving it a beautiful finish.

A high-quality exterior paint provides additional protection against the elements, protecting your home or commercial building from weather damage, insects, and dust. An exterior paint job can significantly improve your building’s or home's curb appeal, whether your goal is to protect it from the elements or to achieve a fresh, modern upgrade.

Color consultants are available at Boston Best Painter to assist you in selecting the best colors for your exterior painting project. We consider the architecture and surrounding landscape to provide solutions that highlight the character and beauty of your home.


Fill the request form Boston Best Painter preview

1. Fill the request form

Schedule your free consultation online or give us a call.

Free Consultation Boston Best Painter preview

2. Free Consultation

We’ll come out and assess the project and provide a personalized detailed proposal including prices and schedule. We’ll also let you choose between various products and colors depending on your budget and desires. We are all ears for your needs and wants.

Save the dates Boston Best Painter preview

3. Save the dates

If the proposal satisfies your needs, we will schedule the projects on the dates that work best for you.

Save the dates Boston Best Painter preview

3. Save the dates

If the proposal satisfies your needs, we will schedule the projects on the dates that work best for you.

Free Consultation - Boston Best Painter

2. Free Consultation

We’ll come out and assess the project and provide a personalized detailed proposal including prices and schedule. We’ll also let you choose between various products and colors depending on your budget and desires. We are all ears for your needs and wants.

4. Final Results

On the day of the project, our experience and trained painters will make sure we deliver the best paint bjob in a timely manner. Remember we are with you and for you during this process. no unwanted surprises!


Protect - Boston Best Painter - Painting Service in Watertown MA

1. Protect

We Cover and protect your home. Floors will get protected with drop cloths to protect them from paint drips and splatters. We will also relocate some items and cover larger items. We will use dust control methods as much as possible to contain the dust.

Removal of Switch plates Boston Best Painter Interior Painting Service in Somerville MA

2. Removal of Switch plates

We will remove switch plaster and outlet, and tape door knops before painting to ensure that the finished paint job will have a clean look.

Scrape off old paint - Boston Best Painter

3. Scrape off old paint

We will scrape lose paint and flakes to make the surfaces nice and even.

Fill grove dents and holes Boston Best Painters Professional Painting Service in Cambridge MA

4. Fill grove dents and holes

We will carefully inspect surfaces for cracks, holes, and dents. We will caulk and putty fill and repair holes and cracks. We will Sand the surfaces before painting to ensure the walls are ready to get primed and painted.

Prime and Paint - Boston Best Painter in Brookline MA

5. Prime and Paint

Roll the paint on the ceilings and walls, and spray cabinets to acquire the desired paint finish.

Finish - Boston Best Painter - Boston MA

6. Finish

Once the painting is completed, we will walk through the painted areas to ensure any missed spots or any touch-ups are completed as required.

Service Areas

Are you looking for experienced painters in the Boston area? Search no more! Boston Best Painter takes pride in providing high-quality painting work while delivering exceptional customer service at affordable prices.

We provide services in the following towns and communities:

If you’re city or town is not included in the list, you may contact us at 781-605-7718. We look forward to serving you!

What Our Clients Love About Us

Boston Best Painter

Painters with a Professional Touch!

Boston Best Painter provides commercial and residential clients in the greater Boston area with high-quality painting services. A key element of our business is our commitment to providing quality customer service. You can always rely on our local professional painters to ensure things get done the right way.

Boston Best Painter offers excellent customer care and premium workmanship to residential and commercial clients. We strive to offer top-notch painting services, no matter how big or small your project is. We recognize that your home or office is more than just a building, which is why our talented, experienced painters work with dedication to ensure we deliver the results you want.

Painters with a a Professional Touch - Boston Best Painters
Bring color and life to your home with Boston Best Painter

Bring Color and Life to Your Home in Boston, MA!

In Boston, Massachusetts and Surrounding Areas

Painting is our specialty, not just something we do! We have built our solid reputation in the painting industry by having in-depth knowledge of both the paints we use and the techniques for applying them.

Throughout the project, we’ll respect your time and space and work arduously to win your trust. You can ask us anything, and we can provide you with options and a free in-house color consultant if you need help narrowing down your color choices.

Ready for a free estimate? Our trained painting contractors are ready to give your home or office space a beautiful new look. Call us today at 781-605-7718 to get started!

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